Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grandpa is 93

Sadly, my Grandpa (mom's dad) was taken to the Dixie Regional hospital on his 93rd birthday with a bladder infection and broken knee. My brother, Kevin and his wife, Stephanie, Ben and I drove to St. George to visit him.
Me and Stephanie

Gorgeous red rocks

Me and Ben

Happy birthday, Grandpa

We stopped in to see Grandma (dad's mom), too. Miss her.

Sunset on the drive home

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Teddy Bears

My cousin, Stacy, works for Yellowstone's Bear World as the head animal trainer. Every year she brings the baby bears down to the Sportsman's Expo. This year, my grandpa was able to come up to spend time with his grand kids and the baby bears.
Grandpa and Stacy

Grandpa with a baby

Me and baby

Jason and his wife, Sheena and a baby

Kevin and a baby

Me, Sheena, Jason, Kevin, and G-man

While we were at the Sportsman's Expo, Jason decided to talk to the camper salesman. They talked for a long time. Sheena and I decided to play in the campers while we were waiting.
Top bunk

Top bunk fits 2 adult ladies nicely

Camper storage compartment fits 2 adult ladies, and 2 small children nicely.

Camper storage compartment

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas this year will not be documented properly. Somehow I didn't take pictures of Ben's dad's Christmas Eve "Pirate" party, and we didn't get to spend time with the rest of Ben's family. Next year I will do a better job.

Me and Ben and the Dicken's Festival

Gift from a student

More gifts from my students, using all the words I hate. 

Christmas day, Ben and I drove down to Grandpa's house to spend the morning with my family. 
Stephanie and her son, Gavin

Pappy's opening a present

Grandpa's present

Niece Kami's turn to open a present.

I played Santa Claus this year. Like my Christmas jammies?

Ben's very excited to open presents

After Christmas, I took advantage of all the after-season clearance sales and I bought a tiny tree and ornaments to put in my classroom next school year.
My classroom Christmas tree

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Trees

This Christmas, my family decided to chop down our own trees together. My sister and her family live near Lily Lake where you can buy permits to cut down Christmas Trees, so we all headed up.
It was gorgeous! Over a foot of snow on the ground, fog, not too cold. Perfect.
You can see my brother, Jason, just to the left in the distance.
Here is Jason's new wife, Sheena, heading up to meet him.
Here is Kevin.
Bundled up and toasty warm.
I love Charlie Brown trees, and luckily for me, they were plentiful. I was the first to find a tree with the help of Jason and Sheena. 


Kevin was looking for a short but fuller tree. Sadly there weren't any full trees. However, he found a suitable one.
Jason and Sheena have tall ceilings so they were able to get a taller tree.

Jason and Sheena; Kim, Neil, Kami and Devan; Kevin.

Kevin; Jason and Sheena; Kim, Devan, and Kami; me.

Charlie Brown before decorations.
Charlie Brown, after.

Kevin, Stephanie and Gavin's tree. 

Kim, Neil, Devan, and Kami's tree.

 Still waiting for a picture from Jason and Sheena.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This past October we used a free photo session that I won in a drawing to have family pictures taken. The photographer wasn't great to work with, but it was FREE! Here are a few of the results.
The whole family
 Me and Ben
 The boys
The girls
 Great grand kids
 Grand kids

 Grandpa and Gavin

  The siblings